Carlotta Bertolino
Carlotta Bertolino

Blockchains In Real Life: an Overview of the Global Regulatory Climate

Blockchain is often referred to as the next big thing, probably the most promising technology of the near-term future. It is undeniable that distributed ledger technology is sprouting up in an incredible number of industries in some obvious and not-so-obvious implementations. But how are countries and governments worldwide welcoming the change? Are governing bodies even […]

GDPR and Distributed Ledger Technologies: An Introduction for Regulatory Compliance

What is data protection and why do we care? I believe if I say “Cambridge Analytica”, or “Facebook user data breach scandal” a lamp will light up in your head. In a nutshell, and particularly as a consequence of the data theft scandal undergone by Facebook in early 2018, the topic of the role of […]

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