The Future is a Safe And Dark Web. This Is What It Will Look Like:

This article first appeared on as one of the top finalists in The Decentralised Future Prize essay competition. “Mass surveillance by governments and corporations will become normal and expected this decade and people will increasingly turn to new products and services to protect themselves from surveillance. The biggest consumer technology successes of this decade […]

Introduction to Self-Sovereign Identity

What is Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)? How to implement SSI on top of blockchain?

Foreword Everyone had the experience of answering the question “Who are you?”. When you were asked, how did you introduce yourself? Did you give your name and title? Identity card number? Or the registration number of an event? When we are trying to answer “who are you”, we are also defining our identity. Identity can […]

Privacy, Blockchain and Onion Routing

Why is Privacy Important? Is Blockchain Anonymous? How can Onion Routing Improve Blockchain?

Foreword Since blockchain was introduced in 2008, it has been regarded as Web 3.0 and is expected to further bring about a great leap in finance and governance for mankind. The blockchain may become an infrastructure like the World Wide Web. If we have begun to protect our privacy on the Internet, then we should […]

Why Decentralized ID (DID) Matters to our Self-Sovereign Future

Decentralized IDs have the potential to help internet users around the world wrest back control of their data from the corporations that presently control it.  

Why Decentralized IDs matter Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) have recently gained more attention for being one of blockchain’s most exciting use cases, and the hype is well founded. In concept, DIDs aim to use cutting-edge cryptography and unique identifiers to enable users to validate themselves online, while still dictating when and how that identity data is […]

Decentralized ID: Bridging Legal and Digital Identities

“It is fair to say that today’s Internet, absent a native identity layer, is based on a patchwork of identity one-offs.” – Kim Cameron, former Architect of Identity at Microsoft The right to identity is a fundamental human right that exists from the moment we are born and lasts for life. This right is recognized […]

GDPR and Distributed Ledger Technologies: An Introduction for Regulatory Compliance

What is data protection and why do we care? I believe if I say “Cambridge Analytica”, or “Facebook user data breach scandal” a lamp will light up in your head. In a nutshell, and particularly as a consequence of the data theft scandal undergone by Facebook in early 2018, the topic of the role of […]

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